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Are You Advertising Оn Facebook & Instagram?
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More than 80% of all internet users use Facebook and Instagram.

Using Facebook & Instagram advertising you can potentially reach more than 3 billion people worldwide.

Over 1 billion people use Stories across Facebook’s family of apps (including Instagram)

Instagram was the most downloaded app in Q4 2021 and has 2 billion monthly active users.

Facebook holds the majority of social media users and thanks to that they provide the most advanced and effective marketing tools available to businesses for advertising. That’s exactly why more than 93% of marketers use Social Media.

More than 80% of global businesses trust Google Ads for PPC campaigns

Paid campaigns drive 65% of clicks received by Google Ads

Google Ads will hold a 29% share of the total ad spending in 2021

Publishers get 68% of the revenue if their ads appear on Google Ads

Users who visit a website through Google Ads’ PPC ads are 50% more likely to purchase

Over 1.2 million businesses rely on Google Ads to market their products and services

  • Please note that the advertising budget highly depends on your business type, locations of operation, and the revenue goals set.
    The minimum monthly budget we recommend for advertising on Google and Social media is 2000.
    If you are fine with spending that kind of budget for your business’s digital marketing campaigns feel free to schedule a free consultation with us right away.
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Here's Our Formula To Make Your Brand
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Setting you up properly

Creating and setting up your social media and google profiles to best present your brand and linking those to your website through analytics & pixel. That way we can monitor the traffic to your website and the sales results from the social media ads we run.

Developing your Digital Advertisement Strategy

Developing advertising strategies for your brand so we can plan all our posts and ads ahead. That allows us to set targets and monitor the progress of the campaigns we run.

Making custom audiences to advertise to

Creating and managing custom audiences for your brand to advertise on, based on their age, gender, interests, social media behavior, and more. So can we define who to advertise your specific product or service to.

Creating beautiful posts stories & ads

We use the right graphical elements and colors to create designs that match each brand's style guide. Those combined with the influential texts we write result in amazing posts, inspiring stories, and ads that would stand out in front of your audience and clients.

Optimizing your ads campaigns & budget

Managing and monitoring your advertisement campaigns and budget to make sure each ad is fully optimized and delivers the best results possible.

Developing e-mail marketing campaigns

Helping you maintain and better your relationship with your current clients by letting them know about the news of your brand through setting up e-mail marketing campaigns.

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  • We recommend a minimum monthly budget for advertising in Google and Social media of 2000.
    If you are fine with spending that kind of budget for your business’s digital marketing campaigns feel free to schedule a free consultation with us right away.
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